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Setting out. Where, how. Help.

July 25, 2009

Where are we? No measurements or benchmarks (crumbs, we could get to like this world of things Green ;)), but subjectively we’re starting from an ok place.  No-one drives to work, and half our staff work from home or walk or cycle to work. Our network support and Sage support teams use remote support technology, which cuts right down on business travel.

It’s a start to do the Green smugness thing of course, but suspect we’ve no hope of ever really catching others up. Which leaves us needing to work on other, practical, things. So what do we need to know?

  • Where we: a process for measuring our “environmental impact”
  • Where we are compared to others: benchmark information
  • Where we could be: what are realistic minimums for each aspect of our “environmental impact”
  • How do we change: what are the technical, organisational and behavioural fixes that we need to implement
  • How do we monitor and manage change: we need a “framework”, “methodology”, whatever you choose to call it, that we can understand and believe in

For all that’s said and written about environmental issues, our first scan via Google has turned up nothing useful. So construct a sentence with mouth and trouser.  More importantly, this is clearly a reflection on the lack of development of this field, which suggests that widespread real change is either hard or still some way away.

We plan to search some more, and will report progress, but meantime, fortunately, we have a family connection with Ecoperspectives who are active in this field, so here’s to some free advice.