London is the capital and vibrant (and sometimes wild) heart of the United Kingdom. Home to over 7 million people, it is also the commercial centre of the United Kingdom and the financial centre of Europe.

One of the world’s great cities, London is a of course a tremendously popular destination for tourists. There are many tourist, entertainment and accommodation guides for example Visit London and London Town.

London is not only the political capital for the United Kingdom, it is also a major local government in its own right with both a directly elected mayor and the London Assembly. Mayoral candidates have recently emphasised character rather than competence, and so mayoral elections have attracted unusual levels of media coverage even by the standards of the UK’s London-centric media.

London universities draw students from the large pool of local young people and also those attracted by bright lights (whether cultural or post qualification employers). The University of London is the largest of the many London based universities, but there are also world renowned specialist institutions including the London Business School and the London School of Economics.

Long one of the western world’s leading centres of trade and commerce, London today is arguably the pre-eminent financial and banking centre. Much activity is based in the City of London, including the London Stock Exchange .

Although there are many IT support and companies in London, it is a secondary activity drawn in to service the large number of businesses in and around London, but particularly central London and the City of London. Innovative IT companies in the UK tend to gravitate towards other centres, such as the Thames Valley and university cities such as Oxford.


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