Sage Retrieve 4GL

Sage Line 100 is written in Retrieve 4GL, a proprietary programming language, and Sage Line 100 data is stored in a Retrieve database, a proprietary database.

Many Sage Line 100 sites have customisations or other extensions written in Retrieve 4GL.  They now have grounds for concern regarding future maintenance and enhancements, because most good Retrieve 4GL programmers have moved onto more modern programming languages.

Protronics retains excellent Retrieve 4GL skills, and also has strong skills in the other Sage supported tools for integrating with Sage Line 100 - read only odbc and read/write odbc.  Only Sage resellers and developers can work with Retrieve 4GL and the read/write odbc driver, but anyone can work with the read only odbc driver.

We are able to help with any Retrieve 4GL issues, provided you have rights and access to the "source code".  In practice this usually means that we can help with customisations that were written specifically for you, but not with add ons that were sold to more than one Sage Line 100 user, such as industry specific / "vertical" modules.

Our approach is pragmatic.  This includes recognising that customisation were sometimes used inappropriately or by resellers to tie clients to them, in which case we'll help you revert back to the standard version of Sage Line 100.

We also understand the structure and organisation of Sage Line 100 data in the Retrieve database, and how this relates to business processes.  This means that we're often able to bring clarity if you're struggling to understand Line 100 data, or need help planning to migrate Line 100 data to a new application.


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