5 to 100 People

Our clients typically have between 5 and 100 staff, or are a division of that size of a larger organisation.

Protronics has 15 people, all involved in client projects, and split into teams of 4 to 6 each covering one of our core areas of: network support and infrastructure; Sage 50, Line 100 and Sage MMS / 200; and software development.

Our size means that we don’t have sufficient pillars and posts to pass you between, so the first person you speak to has to get on and resolve the issue. In practice it’s very likely that you’ll quickly get to know and be comfortable with all the team that deals with you.

Our breadth of technical skills means that we see projects and problems through to a satisfactory outcome irrespective of where they range. This is true irrespective of whether we are responsible for all areas or liaising with other suppliers or an in house IT team.

Finally our particular meld of planning, documentation, and desire to get on with the detailed work usually fits well with the approach of organisations with 5 to 100 people.


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Our Approach

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Sage Accredited Business Partner for Sage 50, Sage Line 100 and Sage 200 Microsoft Gold Partner, London and Oxford